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Welcome to Shaktisecurity

We have ample experience with the security service for events and especially for corporate events.We are able to manage all kinds of VIP’s and celebrities that attend.

Security Service Goverment

What does one need while looking for a Security service provider? Reliability and dedication are the clear toppers. Trained staff and the ability to increase the manpower or the level of security is also Some of our biggest clients are well known names from the corporate world, event managers handling weddings and other large functions, security for most event management company’s events etc.

Security Service 24 Hrs

Providing 24 hour security is also not a problem with our strong manpower capabilities that can handle everything from trade events to security services for events and even for corporate events.

Security Service Managing

Managing an event these days is no small matter,
whether the event is held by a corporate house or whether an event
management company is planning a function or even a wedding
there is a lot that needs to be taken care of.